Washington’s First Video Blog

FOOD BATTLE 2009 TRAILER: http://smosh.com/videos Smosh was banned from the Historical Society after we reenacted George Washington’s first video blog. It’s been unseen until now. http://smos…

Part 10 “The Premiere”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19KMJmF2nvA See first nine “The Hobbit: Behind the Scenes” videos presented by Peter Jackson, the director of the upcoming Hobbit Film…

4 Responses to “Washington’s First Video Blog”

  1. Adam Yarris says:

    I learned more in this than a year of history class.

  2. LyricCat Fern says:

    Like if your watching in 2015

  3. alouella123 says:

    Like if your watching in 2015

  4. Skull And Crossbones says:

    FAKE You guys are dumb king arthur was british and you only won cuz if the
    french helping you we couldve came back with full force and destroy you

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