Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing Richdad financial freedom now A great introduction by Robert Kiyosaki about how important is to build and develop sales skills. Scape of the rat race now! Robert Kiyosaki the famous Richdad author…

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  2. I don’t know about the small business being solo. Most people are hired by
    small businesses. Besides, you can’t be a B without first becoming an S.
    That’s true for WalMart, Google and every other large company. He advocates
    starting a “network marketing” businesses. A typical small business may
    have $1-2 million in revenue. The average “network marketing business’
    makes only a couple thousand. So don’t start a small business and be an S,
    instead start a network marketing company and make only one thousandth of a
    typical small business? Maybe that’s why his first two businesses failed
    and the only one business that he can prove he owns is the one selling
    workshops, books and games.

  3. Why Network Marketing And Why You Should Capitalize On The Wake Up Now
    Opportunity? Let Robert Kiyosaki tell you here Robert Kiyosaki Network
    Marketing Richdad financial freedom now #networkmarketing #robertkiyosaki

  4. very good video loved it! I want to invite people who are interested in
    similar topics that go through my channel

  5. I love this guy! If you haven’t read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” I highly suggest
    you do! One of the things he recommends is starting a home based business
    and if you don’t know where to start with it or are interested is starting
    one, add me on Facebook and shoot me a message :) Looking forward to
    hearing from you!

  6. Nice video, damn shame I can’t hear the audio properly! I’ve been
    generating another income online with Crib Cash Generator (Do a quick
    Google search for it). We made $765 today lol.

  7. Are you living from paycheck to paycheck?
    Do you have too much month left at the end of your money?
    Hear what Multimillionaire Mr. Robert Kiyosaki thinks you should do to
    build your income.

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