eTalks – The Secrets of Food Marketing

Think you aren’t being fooled by advertising tricks? Take a look at this so-called expert revealing food marketing’s secret weapon. No amount of marketing ma…
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  1. Beckie0 says:

    I always struggle with this, I want to be a vegetarian, but I’m not
    responsible enough to live off a diet like that. I cut meat out of my diet
    once before and I’ve never been so ill in my life before. Maybe when I’m a
    bit older and can actually cook proper meals.

    As for buying products? Sure, I see the products that are most likely to be
    organic, that treat animals better etc – but those foods are twice the
    price (or more). A packet of eggs can be £1.20 or £3.30. When I’m working
    off a limited budget a week, the tesco brand food looks far more
    achievable. I have to eat at the end of the day, I can’t be choosy.

    It’s absolutely disgraceful what’s going on out there, it’s so
    disheartening, but what can we do to change it? What will actually work.
    Telling us it’s our fault like this is not exactly going to suddenly make
    things better. We need to revolutionise everything. One person not buying a
    packet of chicken in tescos isn’t going to do something, we need global

    I did find this video interesting, a little scary too the way it was so
    upbeat. Thank you.

  2. Ashley Casey says:

    “The Power of Willful Ignorance Cannot Be overstated”

  3. JacksAbschaum says:

    meat is murder and for fat bastards.

  4. JamieA242 says:

    Just so people know, this isnt a “presentation” or “talk” it is a FILM. The
    people are all actors and infact i know one of the audience members, he is
    a director for web videos. You can tell by the speakers performance and how
    there is a shot of her leaving with the focus pull to “thank you”. Also
    there are only ever closeups of the audience memebers, because there is
    probably only 10-15 of them. However this is the truth about marketing.

  5. Ellie Kennard says:

    *Very Powerful*

    It’s a short talk. But it’s powerful. I hope you’ll watch it.



  6. Jakob McCarthy says:

    “Kate Cooper” is actually a character played by British actress Kate Miles.
    It’s hard to believe what she’s saying when the whole thing starts off as a

  7. WeBeChillin420 says:

    why are people saying “go vegan”? why can’t we just support our local
    organic meat markets or meat from whole foods with 4+ ratings etc?

  8. Jk8Z says:

    OMG I’M SO SURPRISED! FUCKING NOT! How is this surprising to any of you? If
    you would think about for 2 minutes it’s fricking obvious. By the way no,
    I’m not a vegetarian. This shit is necessary. If there were less people in
    the world it wouldn’t be necessary. So stop fucking breeding! More humans =
    more of this farming. Less humans = less of this.

  9. Danny Puran says:

    Hold on did she say cruelty lol? Nah bitch it’s nature, little fish get’s
    harvested and eaten by the big fish out of convenience. It’s never going to
    change and nor do I want it to.

  10. naomigoesvegan - says:

    Why not just try the vegan diet, everybody knowns that eating meat causes
    all kinds of diseases. It’s proven in the newest research..
    I’m happy to say that I don’t buy any animal products, and I feel great !

  11. Pugsy Pug says:

    Factory farming = cheap > Save money by buying factory farmed food, people
    are starving and dying and you want to save the pigs? fuck you

  12. Sal Monella says:

    We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy
    of life is when men are afraid of the light.” ~ Plato
    WILLFUL IGNORANCE & NORMALCY BIAS has crippled 99% of Americans.
    People still believe that two airplanes took down 3 tall buildings in lower
    Manhattan, NYC on 9-11-01.
    People still believe that the Federal Reserve Bank is regulated & audited
    by the US government.
    People still believe that our government is “for the people, by the people”.
    Pitiful, just pitiful.

  13. Christy Sandhoff says:

    After 7 minutes of watching this, tell me if you are prepared to look the
    other way.

  14. Anna Roper says:

    It should be made clearer that the woman in this video is an actress.

    That shouldn’t be a fact that stops you thinking about what it is you’re
    eating and buying though. If you were shocked by anything in this video,
    then you’re guilty of the wilful ignorance she described.

    Whatever your excuses for buying cheap, factory farmed food, find another
    way, there’s always an alternative.

  15. monkeyboy4746 says:

    This lecture may work on the disconnected, technology obsessed, urban
    yuppie, but it does not work on anyone who has actually been on a farm.
    When you go into a supermarket and look at the prices of any kind of food
    that has been raised naturally, organic, without cruelty, etc, apply
    whatever euphemism you want here, it is always at least twice the price as
    the regular stuff. More expensive food for the sake of avoiding animal
    cruelty would only result in a lot of people who cannot afford to eat.


  16. Cole Johnston says:

    Really? Automatic English subtitles for a clearly spoken proper English

    Also, as she said, “born out of necessity” – Most of these practices are
    required if we wish to keep eating meat without paying absurd prices.

  17. FruityHachi says:

    judging by the audience´s faces, they look distured by what they just saw.
    now i wonder, have many of them chose to eliminate animal products
    and if compassion in world farming wants to end factory farming, but NOT
    eliminate animal agriculture, than i need to point out to another food
    marketing factic – no animal products can be EVER called “humane”, there´s
    no such thing as killing an animal humanely who didn´t want to be killed.
    it´s just sugar-coated lie to make people feel good about what they´re
    contributing to.
    if people had to kill an animal so they could eat them, most of them would
    stop eating meat. and if they´d be forced to live like milking cows – being
    artificially impregnated, their babies´s stoled and sold and killed for
    veal, and being milked by a stranger, most of them would abstain from dairy
    too. same with egg-laying hens – the more they´re forced to lay eggs, the
    more are their bones weakened because of calcium loss.

  18. Mark Bertumen says:

    Tell people to eat less so intensive farming is less of a necessity.
    If you can’t do that–and you can’t–find some better way or just let
    things go how they do, because people that aren’t starving already would.
    If necessity is the driving force of the advancement of everything, and
    intensive farming is a result of necessity, ask yourself if the necessity
    of giving better living conditions to farm animals is necessary, research
    it if you want.
    I’d enjoy seeing farm animals in an actual farm as much as the next guy,
    but if the world won’t let it happen, then what are you going to do?
    The earth is a small place, the people that live in it take up a lot of it
    and will continue to. If anyone can find some solution themselves to fix
    the problems at hand, that’d be great, I suppose, but circumstances make it
    so that it’s an arguably plausible reality that there isn’t.

  19. Chol .Yerlow says:

    I eat chicken, I eat beef, and I eat pork. I’m not changing that and never
    will. So what the heck good is this video to me? “animals mistreated before
    their inevitable deaths”. So. What good is treating these animals better if
    they are going to be killed and consumed anyway? They will be farmed, they
    will be killed, and I’m gonna eat. End of Story.

  20. Dana Vinokurov says:

    I eat chicken maybe twice a week, fish once a week, and red meat every 2/3
    weeks and the majority of the time I eat grains +veggies, reducing the
    amount of meat that we eat would certainly help but humans need to have
    some meat in their diet.

  21. Michael Richter says:

    The irony of using manipulative marketing to expose manipulative marketing

  22. wadiquelt says:

    White-washing agendas everywhere. Life, both human and animal, is still
    being sacrificed to a god – in this case, the god called money – just
    without a knife directly cutting the artery! 

  23. theBraxil says:

    I’m shocked and appalled, all I had to do was explain basic marketing then
    tell people farms aren’t a pig standing in a green field and I’d get
    7million views? Dammit I wish I knew this shit earlier. Time to read
    some hilarious comments about how “moving” this shit is typed out by
    retired hippies.

  24. John Smith says:

    Wow, this lady just made herself look like a monster who lies to the

  25. Marty Yu says:

    This isn’t about going vegetarian, it’s about stopping factory farming. If
    you continue to live a carnivorous lifestyle, try to source your meat from
    humane farms. It’s much more expensive, but I’d rather eat humanely
    raised, sustainable meats once or twice a week than CAFO* meat daily.

    * Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation

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