When You Start a Business, Take Action!

As an analogy, let’s look at a pencil. A pencil is a tool that we can use for many things that primarily involve writing. However a pencil will just sit there and do nothing unless we pick it up and start writing. It is useless otherwise. Only when we use it to take action is it fulfilling it’s highest purpose and benefitting us in the process.


Conversely, if we don’t use it, is it the pencil that is bad? Can we blame the pencil for our failure to take action? (nope) The same principle applies when we are talking about your home business. There are plenty of resources available to us to use online, much of the time freely. Of course they do nothing for us unless we use them. We are responsible to take action and make use of the tools we need to succeed.

Now when it comes to an affiliate program or your sponsor in that program, they have their functions. They do what they can to help you. However, they are not really responsible for your success or failure. You are the one responsible to take action to utilize what resources are available to you. If they have provided tools and/or training then you need to use them. The point is though that they are not to blame if you fail to do what you need to do.

Joining a program under a sponsor does not entitle you to anything specific unless you were promised certain things. The program will provide a sales web page and other graphics for you to advertise; they will handle your sales transactions; support you and your customers; account for and pay your commissions, etc. The sponsor may be able to direct you or answer a few questions for you initially, and support you in different ways but it’s not their job to build your business. The point is a sponsor is usually just someone who did effective advertising that attracted you to sign up for the program. They are not always coaches or mentors, although they can be.

The point is neither one of these resources is responsible for your success or failure. Only you are. You need to make the best use of your time and resources. You may need to learn how to grow your own business effectively and this will certainly take time and effort including lots of trial and error. You may be fortunate enough to find a mentor who will help you accelerate this process. By helping you to navigate the information as far as what he may know by experience to be true or not, he or she may save you some time and money in this regard.

Another analogy to consider when it comes to taking responsibility is your parents. They ‘brought you into the world’ and fed and raised you until you could take care of yourself. They have hopefully done their best to give you what you need to get started in life. All of that said, this does not make them responsible for your success or failure beyond the influence whether positive or negative that they may have had.

It’s all about what you do with what you have. You are the only one that is truly responsible for your life and business, so if your home business fails, don’t blame your parents, your sponsor, your programs or the government. An attitude of gratitude along with a healthy dose of self-determination to take full charge in your home business will always lead you to greater success.

Dog with pencil and eraser © Dreamstime.com