Home Security Systems Watch Out, Here Comes Cell Phone Remote Video Monitoring Systems

Home Security Systems Watch Out, Here Comes Cell Phone Remote Video Monitoring Systems
By F Gant

– Want to be able to look in on your home when you are away?
– How about monitoring your kids and/or perhaps your baby sitter?
– Are your employees working when you are out of office?
– How about a worldwide personal security system access with standard high speed internet as you travel?

Consumers are craving for affordable remote video monitoring systems.

Your Smart Cell Phone and computer with video and data streaming technologies can now be part of your personal or home security system. The proliferation of cellular, wireless, broadband and more have brought home security systems to a new level. Homeowners want to protect their flat screen televisions, private collections, and more with intrusion or detection sensors and video.

Your home, office, or private areas can be equipped with IP cameras and motion detectors as part of your personal security system. Watch live video from your computer or Smart Cell Phone via the internet and even have audio communication back in forth in real time.

Controlled access can provide email alerts,video recordings, and live viewing with a camera, detection sensors, and web based communication. If you are a parent who works late and your children come home from school, when they enter the house you can have peace of mind because now you can view them through video on your smart cell phone or computer.

The Mobile Wireless Industry

In as much as smart cell phones and like devices are minicomputers in their own right these devices will up the ante in providing new services for the everyday consumer. In a recent report in The Chicago Tribune, Industry analysts predict wireless laptop cards and smart phones will comprise 83 percent of global data use by 2013, with demand for high-speed, quality video driving the increase. Mobility, is perhaps the major factor that separates wireless from other broadband services, and mobility is the primary reason wireless broadband utilization such as in personal security systems has the potential for huge growth rates.

Some things to look for when shopping for remote video personal security systems:

1. Motion detection notification via email alerts and video plays.
2. Two way audio communication option with on site participants.
3. Infrared light detection to view poorly lighted areas.
4. Web based server with high speed internet connection.
5. Secure online encryption for privacy protection.
6. Video record and play options.
7. Easy to install equipment for the average person.
8. Low monthly monitoring fees.
9. Smart Cell Phone or iPhone

The important thing with this new technology is that you will know exactly what is going on as it happens in real time. The peace of mind that can be gained from being able to monitor activity at key locations with the use of your Smart Cell phone or iPhone can be incredible. This wireless mobile technology is both affordable and now available to consumers worldwide.

F.Gant writes articles to bring value and savings to both consumers and small business owners. Monitoring your home from your smart cell phone or iPhone is more affordable than you think. For more information on one of these service offerings visit http://www.phonevideosecurity.com.